Can We Use A Whiteboard as A Projector Screen in Home or Class Room?

To reduce chalk dust, classrooms began utilizing whiteboards in the 1970s. Most schools and companies now have at least one on each wall. Teachers, in particular, are looking for whiteboards that can serve as projectors. As funding for education is shrinking and space is frequently an issue. [su_highlight background=”#c6ffaa”] Whiteboard can be used as a … Read more

Do we need Special Screen for 3D & 5D projectors? [2022]

[su_list icon=”icon: question-circle” icon_color=”#ff2024″] Because of their technical advancements, 3D projectors do not need a special screen. Reason is they use special 3D glasses to display the 3D projection. A polarized screen may be needed when using a dual 3D projector. Below we will discuss about screen for 3D and 5D projectors. Of course, there … Read more